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to the OR
- A video tour of the Menino Pavilion OR for students. You
need to understand the difference between restricted, semi-restricted, and
unrestricted areas. (8:50)

Basic Knot Tying & Suturing
series of pages with both still and streaming video demonstrations of
basic knot tying (two-handed tie, one-handed tie, instrument tie) and
basic suturing techniques (simple interrupted, vertical mattress, simple
for the OR

Two short videos for students on how to scrub, gown and glove for the OR. 
Safe Method for Anchoring Central Venous Lines
- Rie Aihara, M.D.,
Carol Sulis, M.D., Wayne LaMorte, M.D., Erwin Hirsch, M.D.
Safety in the Operating Room
- A 12 minute video written and
produced by George Putnam (AAM Media Labs) and Ellen Lones (Boston Medical
Small Bowel Anastomosis

Fred Millham, M.D. and Wayne LaMorte, M.D.
You can find all the videos for download here ;
[SND] Incision.rm 01-Feb-2006 11:07 5.7M
[SND] Intro to Surgical An..> 01-Feb-2006 11:07 1.4M
[SND] Kocher Maneuver.rm 01-Feb-2006 11:07 4.7M
[SND] Lancets.rm 14-Jul-2003 15:40 7.9M
[SND] Liver Mobilization.rm 01-Feb-2006 11:08 6.6M
[SND] Median Sternotomy.rm 01-Feb-2006 11:08 3.4M
[SND] Mobilization of Righ..> 01-Feb-2006 11:08 9.3M
[SND] Mobilize Spleen Panc..> 01-Feb-2006 11:08 12.5M
[SND] OR Orientation.rm 01-Feb-2006 11:09 33.1M
[SND] OR Sharps Safety.rm 31-Jul-2002 17:10 44.3M
[SND] Packing.rm 01-Feb-2006 11:16 1.8M
[SND] Part 1 Scrubbing for..> 01-Feb-2006 11:17 50.0M
[SND] Part 2 Gowning and G..> 01-Feb-2006 11:19 46.5M
[SND] Part 3 Scrubbing Out..> 01-Feb-2006 11:19 5.3M
[SND] Pringle Maneuver.rm 01-Feb-2006 11:19 4.1M
[SND] Review Kocher Pringl..> 01-Feb-2006 11:19 6.7M
[SND] SBAnast.rm 01-Feb-2006 11:20 51.5M
[SND] SPH2.rm 25-Jun-2003 14:04 31.2M
[SND] SPH3.rm 10-Jul-2003 08:34 30.0M
[SND] Vena Cava Exposure.rm 01-Feb-2006 11:24 3.5M
[SND] Wing set collection.rm 14-Jul-2003 15:40 6.1M
[SND] deepinterrupted.rm 01-Feb-2006 11:07 2.4M
[SND] instrumenthandling.rm 01-Feb-2006 11:07 1.9M
[SND] instrumenttie.rm 01-Feb-2006 11:07 1.9M
[SND] loadholder.rm 01-Feb-2006 11:08 1.3M
[SND] mousehandling.rm 31-Jul-2002 17:11 1.5M
[SND] onehandtie.rm 01-Feb-2006 11:09 2.2M
[SND] rabbithandling1.rm 31-Jul-2002 17:11 1.5M
[SND] rabbithandling2.rm 31-Jul-2002 17:11 975k
[SND] rathandling1.rm 31-Jul-2002 17:11 843k
[SND] rathandling2.rm 31-Jul-2002 17:12 1.6M
[SND] simpleinterrupted.rm 01-Feb-2006 11:21 9.1M
[SND] surgeonsknot.rm 01-Feb-2006 11:22 7.5M
[SND] sutureremoval.rm 01-Feb-2006 11:23 817k
[SND] twohandtie.rm 01-Feb-2006 11:24 11.7M
[SND] verticalmattress.rm 01-Feb-2006 11:24 3.3M

Intradermal Suture

SSA Surgical Knot Tying Tutorial

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Table of Contents

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  1. Equipment
  2. Preparing The Equipment For Surgery
  3. Preparing The Patient For Surgery
  4. Preparing The Surgeon For Surgery
  5. Sutures And Suture Handling
  6. Supplemental Reading
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